The event has a large bonfire and later a fireworks display. The bonfire is lit, with the fireworks starting half an hour later. Following the fireworks, people continue to stay and enjoy the warmth of the fire. Food and snacks will be available at the event – with professional catering facilities from 6:30. The Round Table also sells a selection of Glow Goodies for children; again all funds raised from these sales go to the charity fund.

Safety is paramount at such an event, with all precautions taken. The fireworks display is also at the bottom of the park, with barricades placed half way up the park – there will also be patrols to ensure no one gets too close to the display. Barricades also surround the fire at a safe distance, and again there are constant patrols to ensure everyone is acting safely. There will also be emergency services on scene, a PA system for information announcements throughout the park, and flood lighting at key areas.